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Kari Chang

Nyla and Noelle and their intrepid team of Curators are shaking up the way things are done in the world of independently owned boutiques.  No longer do you have to invest thousands of dollars on a brick and mortar storefront with all of the associated expenses to enjoy operating your own boutique.  Nyla and Noelle is a direct sales clothing company, riding the wave of social selling, they allow entrepreneurial housewives, stay at home moms and ladies and even a few men looking for a career in fashion to run their own clothing and accessory boutique from home.  The Curators, as they are called, sell their wares on their social media and during zany on-line live sales where the Curator functions similar to a Johnny Come Lately home shopping channel host.  These sales are often fast paced and hosted on the Curator’s private Facebook group and sometimes on the more wide-reaching Periscope. The Curator’s friends and followers race each other to see who can type “sold” in the comment section the fastest and thus out goes the Curator’s inventory and in comes the money.  Curators also host fun home and event parties where women join together with music, food and often a few cocktails flowing, and shop in a no pressure, no lines, no hassle atmosphere.

Nyla and Noelle supply the Curators with a constantly revolving closet of high fashion styles of dresses, tops, skirts, pants, leggings and jewelry.  From these revolving styles the Curators can choose to invest in a single piece per style or carry a full range of sizes from small to 3XL, the choice is theirs.  “Using our easy ordering system the Curator simply logs in to our website and places the order for the exact styles they want to offer in their social boutique.  They will of course purchase at their phenomenal wholesale price and then re-sell to their customers at a still very reasonable price for such high-quality clothing.” says co-owner Kari Chang.

Chang says the idea for her dream project was born after more than ten years of operating brick and mortar boutiques herself. “During my time owning boutiques, women were always interested in becoming involved in the business.  Professional and truly talented women wanted to work in my boutiques or open ones of their own.  They loved fashion and the fun atmosphere of working with likeminded customers.  Owning or working in a boutique offers such a different vibe than office work or customer service work for a large company.  I left work most days feeling fulfilled myself from every time I was able to help a customer leave happy knowing they have the perfect outfit and knowing they were going to look and feel beautiful when they wore our clothes.”

Boutique shopping experienced a heyday several years ago and hasn’t slowed down yet.  Women want unique styles and don’t want to meet someone on the street or at their child’s ballgame wearing the same outfit.  Department stores just can’t compete with the unique factor independently owned boutiques offer.

“I saw several boutiques open in our area,” says Chang.  “I also saw several close soon after opening.  The expenses of operating a brick and mortar storefront are substantial and the learning curve can be quite steep when you have to invest in large amounts of inventory and always several pieces of a single style. Not to mention the endless hours at work it takes to get a new business off the ground.  I had never before been involved in direct sales myself, but after seeing most of the women on my Facebook page were engaged in social selling, it clicked! There was a better way to test the waters of boutique ownership without sinking your life savings into a brick and mortar store.  To be sure, Nyla and Noelle was not the first company to offer clothing through direct sales, but I feel like ours is the first to offer our Reps or Curators a genuine taste of boutique ownership and ability to offer truly boutique quality and styled clothing.  Our styles are inspired by the upscale Main Street boutique that used to be in every downtown.  The one you walk in and are wowed at every turn by the gorgeous clothing and presentation and the feeling of being in a place of originality.  You won’t find tee shirts with words or kitschy things like that, we go for a more upscale feel. But we do have a variety of styles from boho chic to basics.  Also, our Curators are full business owners, not affiliates just collecting a commission for doing marketing for us.  They are fully invested in their business and own their inventory.  They are not restricted to selling from a catalog and have a constantly changing selection of boutique styles.  That was one place among many we saw, where we could improve the business model.  The other companies that were already doing direct sales clothing offered the same styles over and over just offering variations of prints on those styles.  I felt like they were essentially selling uniforms and we wanted to sell unique”

Indeed, what a unique journey it has been.  Nyla and Noelle is quickly growing and women all over the United States are re-discovering the unique Main Street boutique right in their neighbor's living room or basement and on their friend’s Facebook pages. If you would like to join this journey yourself and become a Curator, Nyla and Noelle is accepting applications.  You may find them on the internet at


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