Prima Bella - RVA & Chesterfield 2017 Model Search & Job Postings

Posted July 19 2016

Prima Bella Formals in Richmond, VA Model Search Info:

Be the Face of Prima Bella Formals

We are looking for models for our 2016 Homecoming Cocktail Formals and our 2017 Prom line.  Selected models will participate in several photo shoots beginning Aug 2016 - Jan 17 for our printed look book, and various other smaller shoots for our social media, and mini fashion shows for Facebook Live, Periscope, and Instagram Stories through May 2017.  All photos and videos will be used exclusively for marketing by Prima Bella Formals and or Lavender and Gray. All photo shoots will take place in the Chesterfield / Richmond area.

What we are looking for in our models

  • Height 5'7" to 5'9"  (Formal gowns are long) 
  • Age - High School Junior & Seniors thru age 25
  • Availability - Must be able to transport self to photo shoots and available 2-3 times a month for 1-2 hour social media shoots.  Our print Look Book shoots may take 4-6 hours when preparing to go to print (Sept - Jan).  If you have a busy after school schedule or work schedule you may not be able to make the shoots.  Models who aren't available for shoots will be dropped from the roster.  
  • Be able to walk, pose, and move naturally in high heels
  • Be able to do your own hair and makeup for social media shoots
  • Pageant experience a plus but not necessary
  • Sizes - We need junior size and plus size models.  Sizes 2-6 in formal wear and sizes 14-18 in formal wear. 
  • No visible tattoos - Some formal wear is revealing. (Tattoos can be beautiful but we don't have the time to edit them out) 
  • Realize and be ok with the fact that some formal wear is revealing.  You will always be covered but some gowns are 2 piece, have sheer sections, low backs, low cut fronts or high leg slits.  If you are under 18 your parents will have to be ok with this as well.
  • Be Bold Fierce and Confident!
  • We are not accepting models with talent agencies

How many models do we need?:

In Junior size (sizes 2-6 in formals) 

We need 2-3 PRIMA Level (Print Models & Media)  and another 2-3 BELLA Level (Social Media and Web Models)

In Plus size (sizes 14-18 in formals) 

We need 1-2 PRIMA Level (Print and Media Models)  and 2 BELLA Level Social Media and Web models

We will also have some runner up models in both Junior and Plus.  People's schedules and lives change, and some of the finalists may become unavailable. In that case, we will move one of the runner up models to full model status in either the PRIMA or BELLA level.  


PRIMA level models - Featured in our print Look Book and other media, $800 store credit and 2 pair of shoes, Jovani crystal t-shirt and beauty box.  

BELLA level models - Featured on our social media and web format look books and videos.  $400 store credit, 1 pair of shoes and other promo items.  


 Other Jobs:

Possible position for a spokes model for youtube videos discussing products we offer. Must be able to memorize talking points and speak well on camera, be likable, relate-able and down to earth.  

General Assistant to work Mon-Wed 12pm-5pm for a total of 15 hours a week.  You must know your way around the internet, and social media.  Job will include uploading products to our website, answering the phone, posting to our social media and assisting with photo shoots.  This job is located out in Chesterfield county near Beach Rd and Iron Bridge Rd so you would need to live in the area or be willing to drive out. Pay is $9 per hour.   

How to apply to be a model:

Like us on Instagram and or Facebook.  Submit a head shot and body shot to us through either Instagram or Facebook let us know your height and the size you normally wear in formal wear.  We will message selected ladies for 1st round try on's,  to come in a try on formal wear so we can see how the dress length and fit is on you as well as how you pose and walk.  We will interview you and discuss your schedule.  If you and your schedule is a good fit for our company you will be called back for a test shoot.  We will select our models after the test shoot round.

To apply to be a spokes model or general assistant email us a basic resume letting us know your experience and qualifications we will then call selected applicants for an interview and test applicants for the assistant position on knowledge of computers such as being able to locate photos in a file and upload the to the web.  Email resumes to